Impressions from Copenhagen

Photographer: Ty Stange/Copenhagen Media Center

The metropolitan city Copenhagen is compact, safe, vibrant, eco-friendly and efficient. It’s the capital city in Denmark, built on respect for the past, but focused on the future. You will find modern architecture blended in with 1000-year old colourful buildings, beautiful canals and locals commuting on bikes, as the city has made cycling the fastest and most enjoyable form of transportation.

Copenhagen is a harbor city and in terms of cultural life and creative growth it’s flourishing any time of the year. Considering the city’s size, Copenhagen is packed with events and festivals of all genres; food, fashion, jazz, rock, ballet, art, design and sustainability.

The Latin Quater
Photographer: Morten Jerichau/Copenhagen Media Center

The city has been praised for its infrastructure, culture and sustainability efforts and has been named the ‘World’s most liveable city’ repeatedly and Danes have been ranked World’s Happiest People over and over again. The Copenhageners hold a world record in consumption of organic food and the New Nordic Cuisine is based on fresh produce from local purveyors and the surrounding sea. The city offers traditional Danish dishes like Smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches), delicious street food and 16 Michelin starred Restaurants.

The Gefion Fountain
Photographer: Christian Alsing/Copenhagen Media Center

Everything is close at hand with an international airport just 15 min away from the city centre. The city is also designed for pedestrians and you will find that it is easy to navigate the cobbled streets of Copenhagen. If you do need to ask for directions, then don’t hesitate to ask the locals since the majority of Danes speak English fluently.